The Family

This is I think the most crazy painting I’ve ever done. It started in the summer of 2019 as a little idea, a whim even. The idea was to paint my husband’s family and my family all together in one painting, including our deceased parents. The idea took hold and this big canvas took up residence in my studio for a year as I gradually added family members.

During lockdown when I couldn’t see my family, I would go into my studio and there they all were, smiling at me. It felt quite special. I spent many hours during lockdown working on each portrait; there are 44 in all. New babies were born and were welcomed into the family. The garden flowered and gave me inspiration for the background. It was a ‘tour de force’, a mad thing, a joyous thing, a record of a moment in our lifetime.

The Family

NFS – ‘The Family’ Oil on canvas 122cm x 155cm

'The Family' in situ

‘The Family’ in situ

A slideshow of the painting growing