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April 2024

Christine’s latest show at The Rotunda Gallery at Lyme Regis museum is featured in April’s DORSET magazine.

Dorset Magazine  Dorset Magazine  Dorset Magazine

April/ May ’24 ‘Treasures’ – new exhibition at Lyme Regis Museum

treasures exhibition poster

Scavenged finds from Black Ven
By Christine Allison

2 April – 23 May 2024

Drawings & paintings inspired by assemblages of curious found objects.

The blue lias clay at the base of Black Ven is washed twice daily by the sea and continues to reveal crazy pieces of rusty metal, fragments of decorated china, pieces of sea glass and strange objects … all remnants from the Victorian tip above. I like to scavenge. I like the thrill of finding an oddity. I like to imagine the life each treasure has had. Who ate off that plate or drank out of that cup or fixed that bit of metal? Each object has a story, a history. I like to arrange these treasures into assemblages, juxtaposing unlikely pieces together; making new relationships between fragile, decorated fragments of china and weathered shapes of metal, richly coloured with the patina of time. These assembled treasures then become the subject matter for my artworks. Through my drawings and paintings, I celebrate their unique beauty and give them another life.

There are 2 drawing weekends to accompany the exhibition.

treasures exhibition poster

Elements ’24 – Gail Sagman & Christine have a new programme of 5 day Art courses for 2024

Elements '24 poster

Christine has been invited by many groups to run creative workshops for – visiting Spanish students – local art groups and societies – Kings School Bruton – Lyme Regis Museum – Axminster and Lyme Regis Cancer Support Charity and workshops in her own studio for personal groups and individual tuition.

Art Courses for 2023
with Gail Sagman & Christine Allison

Elements 5 Day Art Courses 2023

Click the images below to enlarge.

Elements-Courses-2023-1  Elements-Courses-2023-2  Elements-Courses-2023-3  Elements-Courses-2023-4  Elements-Courses-2023-5  Elements-Courses-2023-6  Elements-Courses-2023-7

To read the information sheet (PDF) about the Elements art courses please click here.

May 2022

Dorset Art Weeks

Visit Christine in her wonderful sea side studio during Dorset Art Weeks 14th – 29 May. 10am – 5pm daily.
New paintings!!
Then follow the trail to see other Lyme Regis artists taking part in Dorset Art Weeks 2022.

dorset art weeks poster Dorset Art Weeks Lyme Regis map

March 2022

Dorset Visual Arts – artist of the month

Dorset Visual Arts newsletter

DVA and Ukraine

The DVA Salon Collective and Interrogating Project Group are considering how best to form a Ukraine fundraising presence on the website and elsewhere in course of the next few weeks.
The plan will be announced on the website as soon as possible and featured in April’s E-News.

We take you hand

As you look at the picture and read the words please open your hearts and souls to send love and light to the people of Ukraine.
Please share this free card. Click the image above to download a printable version of it.
‘Hope’ – a painting by Pamela Allsop
‘We take your hand’ – words by Christine Allison

Further information on the invasion of Ukraine can be found on the Disasters Emergency Committee.

DVA artist of the month

The Rotunda Gallery – Lyme Regis Museum

8 March – 24 April 2022

Title: Every Breath We Take (see the gallery page here)

Every Breath We Take poster

exhibition2 exhibition 3 exhibition 4 exhibition 5 exhibition 6

I started to prepare for this exhibition last year by going out with my sketchbook and drawing trees wherever I went, preparing for the large oil paintings I had in my head and my heart. Now more than ever we need to take notice of all the trees we have around us. These wonderful growing organisms are our second pair of lungs, our ventilators and our lifesavers.

Last Christmas with the help of the National Trust I planted 50 trees, one for every friend and family member on my Christmas present list. Now I am celebrating the trees around me in my paintings and drawings. I want people to wake up and notice our trees. We need to pay attention and care for those we have and plant more everywhere.

This Easter I pledge to plant more trees from the sales of my paintings.

October/November 2021

’Sou’ Sou’ West Gallery – The Sky Is The Limit

The Creative Sketchbook Workshops

The Creative Sketchbook Workshops

Three workshops with artist Christine Allison during her exhibition ‘The Sky Is The Limit’ at the Sou’ Sou’ West Gallery on the Symondsbury Estate (see map).

Monday 1 November
Wednesday 3 November
Friday 5 November
10am – 1pm
Maximum 6 places on each workshop (only one workshop per person). Adults only.
£30 per place.

Please book through Sou’-Sou’-West Gallery on 01308 301 326.

“My sketchbooks are an important part of my creative process, they are my aids, my teacher, my reference books, my tools.”
In these workshops, which are suitable for both emerging and established artists, Christine aims to encourage and develop your creative use of a sketchbook to inform and enrich your final work.
Bring a sketchbook, a selection of dry materials to make marks and colour with, these can be water-soluble but no paint please in the gallery. Christine will also bring media to share and experiment with.
Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.
Please note that we will be working together on a big table in the gallery. Visitors will also be allowed into the gallery to view the exhibition during the workshops.

October 2021

Christine led an event for all ages inspired by the BIG DRAW theme ‘Make the change’. We made 86 ‘Kindness flags’ using recycled fabrics and marker pens. The flags were displayed in the museum.



(Extracted from The Big Draw website) The Big Draw theme this year is about people and our living environment and about taking action to explore and discover ways to live in balance with the world around us, to reconnect with each other and create a better environment for future generations. What does it mean to be human? Sustainability and successful living are equally about how we interact with the world around us. It’s about KINDNESS shown to nature and our natural world but also kindness shown to each other.

‘Here at Lyme Regis Museum we believe creativity can help us be more aware of our responsibility to our world, which is our home. Being creative and being positive helps us to make the right choices to preserve our heritage and our future. Our message to everyone is…be kind.’

refugees welcome save the world save the oceans save our seas save our fish child drawing
Christine at the Big Draw - Be Kind Be Kind

July 2021

Museum in a Matchbox

To celebrate 100 years of Lyme Regis Museum Christine conceived and led a creative community project in which she invited artists and non artists to be inspired by items in the museum and create 100 miniature new exhibits in a matchbox. The results were so wonderful that Christine and all the participants raised enough funds to have a centenary book of the matchboxes printed. Each matchbox was then exhibited in the museum close to its original object.

Museum in a Matchbox doll Museum in a Matchbox book 

Museum in a Matchbox poster

Museum in a Matchbox poster

May 2021

The Lyme Regis Museum ‘Museum at home’ project goes live!

This project became a lifeline for so many participants during lockdown. Finally we were able to exhibit the original sketchbooks, poems, creative writing and crafts in an emotionally moving exhibition in the museum.

Museum at Home Museum at Home
Museum at Home Museum at Home

Christine also made her own personal response to the project, working week by week via videos, zoom and email with participants. Christine’s finished piece is a mixed media montage of the 10 themes including a poem.

A montage of time - Lockdown 2021

A montage of time – Lockdown 2021

A montage of time – Lockdown 2021

my box has no walls
it is there it is not
illusion created by fate
safe in my seat
I journey
my soul to explore
rewind and reset
inspire and create
from detritus to gems
fragments and footprints
of life
legacies anew
I leave in my wake
queen of dreams
in this box that is not
stay in to stay safe
hold life by a thread
send rainbows of light
applaud the undying
my needs are all met
in my museum
at home unrestrained
while my spirit flies
outside the box

Christine Allison

Christine and Sarah selected ten items from the museum collection. They then both wrote a worksheet for each item. Kits have been created containing these worksheets and a sketchbook and pencil. Participants use one worksheet a week as a stimulus for their own creative drawing and writing. The idea is to connect the museum items to things in and around their own ‘Museums at home’. In these days of Covid and lockdown so many people feel isolated, lonely and depressed. The project aims to lift spirits, inspire creativity and bring people together. There are zoom meetings to share ideas and tips and get a sense of being part of a community all working individually but on the same themes. See here …

Later there will be an exhibition in the museum of drawings and writings by participants. The exhibition will form part of the museums centenary celebrations.

Here are Christine’s sheets, which she created especially for the project. Click to view larger.

Museum at home leaflet - drawing introduction

Museum at home leaflet – drawing introduction.

Why Draw?

The Why Draw? sheet.

Mary Anning’s house sheet.

Mary Anning’s house sheet.

The Hobnailed Boot

The hobnailed boot sheet.

The fossils sheet

The fossils sheet.

Rubbish From the tip sheet.

Rubbish from the tip sheet.

The fishing net sheet.

The fishing net sheet.

The embroidery and lace sheet

The embroidery and lace sheet.

The Princess Mary Christmas Tin sheet

The Princess Mary Christmas tin sheet.

Doll & games sheet

The doll & games sheet.

The plates of food sheet

The plates of food sheet.

The paintings of the sky sheet.

The paintings of the sky sheet.

September 2020

Christine has been commissioned by Lyme Regis Museum to work in collaboration with creative writer and poet, Sarah Acton, to co-lead an exciting drawing and writing project for 2021, called ‘Museum at home’. This project will be part of the museums centenary celebration as the museum will be 100 years old in 2021.

March/ April/ May 2020

Due to the Coronavirus lockdown the last two workshops at Lyme Regis Museum have been postponed until further notice.

During the lockdown Christine has been sewing scrubs for Bridport Hospital and other health centres in the area with her sister-in-law Rose May. They named themselves ‘The Cobb Team’ and gathered other local machinists to assist. They sew a little hand written message into every set of scrubs to send love and thanks for all the wonderful work the NHS staff are doing at this difficult time.

Rose and Christine
heart label 

Christine has also painted the portrait of one of the Bridport nurses.

Nurse Louise

Nurse Louise. Click to enlarge

February/March 2020

Christine is working with Lyme Regis Museum to deliver another series of drawing sessions to make you feel good. Book in at the museum for these 5 enjoyable sessions.

LRM Wellness and Pleasure Flyer feb2020

October, November & December 2019

Christine has been working in collaboration with Lyme Regis Museum to deliver a Big Draw event called ‘Life Line’ and a series of drawing workshops for ‘Wellbeing & Pleasure’ plus artist workshop days at the museum.

LRM Wellness and Pleasure Flyer

Artists workshops at Lyme Regis Museum

a Big Draw event a Big Draw event a Big Draw event a Big Draw event a Big Draw event a Big Draw event a Big Draw event a Big Draw event

February – May 2019 Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

Christine has been appointed Artist in Residence for the ‘Leonardo da Vinci: A life in Drawing’ exhibition at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. She is devising and delivering drawing workshops to the public, schools and special groups, inspired by Leonardo’s drawings. In her latest 2 day event Christine created a 5 metre tall portrait of Leonardo in 500 pieces (it is 500 years since Leonardo died).

Each piece was drawn by a member of the public, the youngest was 3 and the oldest 79 years old! The finished result is a transcription of a portrait of Leonardo attributed to Francesco Melzi made in 1515-18 but re-created using Christine’s favourite theme of ‘Realism to Abstraction’. The key piece is the eye, this was done by a lovely mum and her 2 sons together.

5 metre tall portrait of Leonardo in 500 pieces 5 metre tall portrait of Leonardo in 500 pieces 5 metre tall portrait of Leonardo in 500 pieces 5 metre tall portrait of Leonardo in 500 pieces workshop for 5 metre tall portrait of Leonardo in 500 pieces

 December 2018 ‘Dorset Magazine’

Dorset magazine

October 2018

Christine is exhibiting her new portraits and abstracts at The Malthouse Gallery at The Town Mill, Lyme Regis from 12 – 31 October. During the exhibition Christine is running a series of themed workshops exploring aspects of her successful drawing book, which has already had its first reprint.

portraits and abstracts at The Malthouse Gallery at The Town Mill, Lyme Regis

Realism to Abstraction
12 – 31 October 2018
Christine was commissioned by The Guild of Master Craftsmen to produce a book of drawing projects for beginners called ‘DRAWING Techniques And Tutorials For The Complete Beginner’ (although each project is also suitable for more advanced artists.) These workshops are based on aspects of the book.

Workshop details
Each workshop runs from 10am -1pm and each costs £30 per person Workshops take place within the exhibition space at The Malthouse (the exhibition will be open to the public whilst the workshops are taking place) Booking is essential as there are only 8 places per workshop. Each workshop can be taken separately although a 10% discount will be given to anyone wishing to participate in the full series of 6 workshops. Some materials and equipment will be provided, some you will need to bring with you. Christine will discuss requirements with each participant.

drawing workshop drawing workshop drawing workshop     

Contact Christine either by email or mobile phone to discuss booking.
07971 624856

Workshop dates and themes

Monday 15 October
‘Making marks & more’
A workshop of experimentation to expand your range of mark-making using different drawing materials. Bring anything you have to draw with – pencils, pens, crayons, pastels, charcoal etc. and a sketchbook or pieces of different papers. We will learn some rules and break some rules!

Friday 19 October
‘Apples & more’
In this workshop we will make a realistic, pencil drawing of a group of apples using line and tone. Discover drawing ability you didn’t know you had. Bring 3 different apples, 2B and 6B pencils and an eraser. Paper will be provided

Monday 22 October
‘Flowers & more’
This is a workshop where we will draw using water-soluble crayons to make an attractive, contemporary, floral piece of work. Flowers will be provided but do bring some more along if you have them. Paper will be provided and some crayons will be available. If you have your own coloured pencil crayons, water soluble or not, please bring them with you.

Wednesday 24 October
‘Landscapes & more’
In this workshop we will discover the drawing qualities of working with water soluble, coloured wax pastels using landscape photographs as our subject. Paper will be provided. Some pastels will be available to share but if you have your own set please bring them with you. Also bring any inspiring landscape photographs or magazine pictures.

Friday 26 October
‘Seashells & more’
Lovely charcoal, beautiful seashells and a big piece of paper – heaven! In this workshop you will draw big and get your hands dirty. You will be amazed at your bravery and your skilful results. Paper will be provided. Please bring charcoal of different thicknesses, an eraser and any shells you may have at home.

Monday 29 October
‘A drawing a day & more’
‘A day without drawing is a day lost’ (I think it was Anthony Gormley who said that.) How true and no excuses! We will look at what to draw, how to draw and what to draw with to develop good practice. Bring any drawing materials you have – pencils, pens, crayons etc. and a sketchbook. Paper will also be provided.

Realism to Abstraction poster

November 2017

Earlier this year Christine was commissioned by the publishers GMC (Guild of Master Craftsman) as author and artist to create a drawing book for new artists. The book is officially released in bookshops and online in November. It is called ‘DRAWING’ by Christine Allison ISBN: 9781784943882 and costs £9.99. It can be ordered directly from

Here are a few images from the book.

‘DRAWING’ by Christine Allison ‘DRAWING’ by Christine Allison ‘DRAWING’ by Christine Allison ‘DRAWING’ by Christine Allison ‘DRAWING’ by Christine Allison ‘DRAWING’ by Christine Allison           

August 2017  

pure wool bag lined with pure cotton pure wool bag lined with pure cotton pure wool bag lined with pure cotton 

Apart from painting, one of Christine’s other creative passions is to sew. She has made a limited collection of pure wool bags, lined with pure cotton and each with a hand painted Lyme Regis and mackerel appliqued patch. The bags measure 30cm x 33cm with 2 handles, which fit over the shoulder or can be worn over the arm. There are two internal pockets. The bags are £30 each excluding postage & packing. To order a bag, please email Christine via the email link on the Enquires page.

March 2017

Realism to Abstraction Course 2 at Moorbath Creative (see December 2016)

January 2017

Christine is commissioned by GMC Publications Ltd to write and illustrate a book on drawing.

December 2016

From Realism to Abstraction

A 3 day residential drawing & painting course with Christine Allison. Monday Dec 5th pm to Friday 9th am

From Realism to Abstraction poster

See the poster PDF here

October/November 2016

Photographs and texts from Christine’s exhibition called ‘R(aw)Energy’ at The Malthouse Gallery at The Town Mill, Lyme Regis.


'R(aw)Energy' poster

Read the exhibition statement here (PDF)

March 2016

Back in the UK Christine is working on a very exciting project with ‘Lyme Bay Holidays’ and their property owners to place her original artworks in their holiday properties. No birds of prey! Instead seascapes and surf paintings to enjoy.


January 2016

Gallery owner Helen Al-Ammari exhibits 4 of Christine’s paintings in her ‘Arabian Collections Gallery’ in Dharan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Arabian Collections Gallery

December 2015

A new painting of a barn owl with painted relief canvas work for the opening of the ‘Hibou’ Deli in Chamonix, France.

painting of a barn owl

October 2015

ArtBahrain was stunning and exciting! Visitors stopped in their tracks when they saw Christine’s bird paintings and just said, “wow!” It was a great show.

ArtBahrain exhibition ArtBahrain exhibition ArtBahrain exhibition

April 2015

Christine has a selection of her paintings, including her latest pieces on show at the Dusit Thani Hotel in Abu Dhabi until the end of April.

Abu Dhabi exhibition

Abu Dhabi exhibition Abu Dhabi exhibition

The current issue of the prestigious Bahrain luxury lifestyle magazine ‘DURRAH’ features Christine and her work in a five page interview. Click here to view the magazine and read the article.

Bahrain luxury lifestyle magazine 'DURRAH'

Christine has been invited to exhibit in Art Bahrain in October 2015.

Hot off the easel – a studio preview of Christine’s latest pieces. One of which is destined for a new restaurant opening soon in Chamonix in the French Alps, with the apt name of ‘hibou’ (owl in French).

Painting of an owl

December 2014

From 11th – 13th December Christine will be exhibiting at The 3rd International Falconry Festival in Abu Dhabi where she is honoured to be sponsored by The Emirates Falconers’ Club who have provided her with her own 10mtr square tent. The Falconry Festival is to be held at the Al Forsan International Sports Centre, Khalifa City (behind the golf club). It promises be a wonderful and exciting event with exhibitors from all over the world. It will be well worth a visit to see the spectacle of it all and of course to see Christine’s exhibition of new work!

exhib-sign exhibition8 exhibition7 exhibition6 exhibition5 exhibition4

September 2014

As part of NO WHITE WALLS Christine is exhibiting at Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, Abu Dhabi with 5 other professional artists: Andrew Field, Julia Ibbini, Emily Gordon, Kathryn Ryan and Yiannis Roussakis from 25.09.14 until 01.01.15.


Christine’s work was featured to promote the show in Abu Dhabi Week magazine.

May 2014

Christine took a trip to the French Alps to deliver two oil paintings to Chamonix – ‘Eagle Owl’ (122 x 152 cms) and ‘Eagle Owl Coming in to Land’ (140 x 200 cms), which have been purchased by Marmotte Mountain, Luxury Chamonix Chalets. The paintings now hang in the beautiful ‘Libellule’, 400sq metre newly built 6 bedroom chalet.

023-Eagle-Owl-Coming-into-Land-Oil-on-Canvas-140x200cm 024-Eagle-Owl-Coming-into-Land-Oil-on-Canvas-122x152cm

April 2014

Christine completed this one metre oil painting for Michael Schmitz, now in Hamburg, Germany. It is based on a photograph Michael took of a different sort of bird of prey – a Lyme Regis seagull taking his lunch from the hand of the skipper Harry May aboard ‘Marie F’ on a mackerel fishing trip!


January 2014

The Majlis Gallery in Dubai have sold two of Christine’s framed drawings of falcons and have further work from the Middle East collection available.

December 2013 Exhibition at The British School Al Khubairat, Abu Dhabi


Christine was pleased to be asked by artist and teacher Andrew Field to exhibit ten of her birds of prey paintings in the grand foyer of The British School in Abu Dhabi. Christine also delivered two short lectures about her work and then students and parents participated in workshops creating their own drawn and painted responses to the birds. The charcoal drawing of His Highness Sheikh Zayed was also exhibited in the foyer of the school.

November 2013

Exhibition of Birds of Prey Drawings And Paintings
at Avenue at Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi

In November 2013 Christine launched her collection of birds of prey drawings and paintings in the Middle East with an exhibition at the prestigious Avenue at Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi under the Patronage of His Highness Sheikh Suroor Bin Mohammed Al Nahyan.



Presentation to His Highness of a two metre painting titled ‘White Gyr Falcon in Flight’ by Christine Allison


Guests at the opening evening of the exhibition


His Highness Sheikh Suroor graciously sent falcons and falconers from his farm in the desert to the exhibition opening night much to the delight and pleasure of guests. Here Harry May and a handler hold two white gyr falcons in front of Christine’s drawing of the founder of Abu Dhabi, His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. This life size charcoal drawing was inspired by a photograph of Sheikh Zayed taken by Englishman Wilfred Patrick Thesiger in 1949. The photograph is in the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford.



Click the photo above to read the article about the exhibition in Abu Dhabi’s ‘The National’ newspaper.