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February 2023

Christine has completed her first manuscript called, LIVING BREATHING LOVING SOUL and submitted it for consideration and publication.

Overview and book synopsis

The wonderful thing about the spirit world is its simplicity and clarity, it is us humans who make life messy and complicated! By necessity we humans have forgotten what it is like to be in spirit but we are spiritual beings in human bodies. In ‘LIVING BREATHING LOVING SOUL’ I remind you of your spiritual soul essence and of how you planned the physical life you are now living. You chose your body, your circumstances, opportunities and challenges. I remind you that you are here to have an experience as a particular and unique human.

If we remembered all that we had planned before we entered each incarnation it would blow our minds. We need to embark on each earthly journey with wide-eyed innocence. If we knew what lay around each corner, we probably wouldn’t bother to get up off the sofa. What would be the point of doing anything if you already knew all about it? As humans we have to feel our way through our lives. By doing so we are gathering hands-on information. We take a lifetime of sentient experiences back to our soul once our physical life ends and we share and learn from every thought, action and interaction we have had. We grow and evolve through our earthly experiences. In this book I remind you of the role you have undertaken as a human envoy. You are an explorer, a gatherer, you are a living, breathing, feeling human, who is here for a reason. Every single human being has a unique and important part to play in this journey we call life.

Before my current incarnation, whilst still in spirit, I realised it would help humans on their journeys to have some insights from the spirit world, so in spirit I wrote this book. As Christine I have channelled my words from spirit. I remind you of the gifts you have built into your physical body, you are a supercomputer, you have extraordinary sensitivity and abilities. I encourage and inspire you to unwrap your gifts and use them, to become more sensitive, more intuitive and more loving.

We are globally at a pivotal point of survival. Each human being has the responsibility to do better. We each need to up our game, find ways to raise our vibration and shine our light brighter. This book will help you do exactly that by giving you insights from the spirit world and encouragement and methods to attune to your own spirit essence. It aims to help you live more consciously so that you get the very best out of your earthly experience and as a spiritual soul in a human body bring light into the world as you do so. Planet Earth and all its inhabitants needs you to shine your light as brightly as you can. Even your smile will help raise the vibration of Planet Earth for us all.