Christine scavenging for treasures on the beach at Black Ven. Photo by Marie Carty

Christine Allison ~ Artist & Author

At work in her Lyme Regis studio or out in the natural world Christine explores ways of bringing together her passion for drawing, oil painting and colour.

My challenge is to paint from the real and physical but find the metaphysical – the essence of the bird, tree, human, plant, sky or colour. Not just what is seen but what is felt. I want my paintings to be curious, real yet not real, inspiring, meaningful, uplifting and beautiful.

I have a panoramic view of the sky and the sea from my studio window. The changing moods fascinate me. Regular drawing and painting of the sky is something of an obsession. It isn’t a new theme, my 2005 sketchbook has ‘don’t let the dawn start without me’ scrawled across the first page. My drawings and oil paintings are often abstracted, gestural, energetic – frenetic even. The sky gives me every opportunity to be expressive. The darker and moodier the better!

Walking along the beach is something I love to do, especially to Black Ven where I regularly find ‘treasures’ – unusual pieces of rusty metal and fragments of decorated china – all eroded by the sea from the cliffs, where years ago there was a Victorian rubbish tip. Each piece has a story to tell – they fascinate me and have become the subjects of my latest work.

Every painting and word has its own pulse, its own vibration, its own energy. I am just the hand that makes it felt.

Christine has now added a further dimension to her work as an author.

I have just finished my first manuscript. It is a book channelled from spirit called, LIVING BREATHING LOVING SOUL. I’ve been writing from spirit for many years and now feel ready to bring my words into the public arena through books, poems, meditations and affirmations. Writing is for me another aspect of my creativity, my aims are the same as with my drawing and painting – to bring meaning, beauty and light into the world and inspire others to do the same.

Christine Allison

Photo credit: Max Redwood