christine allison in her studio

Every painting has its own pulse, its own vibration, its own energy. I am just the hand that makes it felt.

Christine Allison ~ Artist

At work in her Lyme Regis studio Christine explores ways of bringing together her passion for drawing, oil painting and colour with new subject matter.

I spent 8 years obsessed with painting birds of prey, they demanded my creative attention and took me to meet wonderful people and have interesting adventures in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Bahrain. The birds touch something deep within me, I am in awe of them, they still call me but other subjects call too.

The Cop 26 conference on world climate change touched me deeply. I wept when I saw the images of British designer Es Devlin’s ‘Conference of the Trees’ at the venue for The New York Times Climate Hub – the message the presence of those real trees delivered seemed more powerful to me than any words spoken. We need to bow down in humility to our trees – not cut them down! I am now drawing, painting and planting trees to honour and thank them and in my own small way help raise human consciousness.

I have a panoramic view of the sky and the sea from my studio window. The changing moods fascinate me. Regular drawing and painting the sky is something of an obsession. It isn’t a new theme, my 2005 sketchbook has ‘don’t let the dawn start without me’ scrawled across the first page. I was drawing the sky daily then too. My new drawings and oil paintings are often abstracted, gestural, energetic – frenetic even. The sky gives me every opportunity to be expressive. The darker and more moody the better!

My love of nature and my garden studio inspired another set of paintings from the plants and colours and pattern I am surrounded by. They appeared on my canvasses like intensely rich tapestries or semi-abstract textile designs.

The human figure has never been far from my work. I trained at St. Martin’s School of Art in London and The New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting & Sculpture – both wonderful, creative places where I learned to draw and paint from life. The figure regularly returns to my canvas.

My challenge is to paint from the real and physical but find the metaphysical – the essence of the bird, tree, human, plant, sky or colour. Not just what is seen but what is felt.

I want my paintings to be curious, real yet not real, inspiring, meaningful, uplifting and beautiful.