Christine Allison ~ Birds of Prey Drawings & Paintings

golden eagle crimson lake
Photograph by Anthea Simmons of Christine with her latest 7ft oil painting called 'Golden Eagle - Crimson Lake'

"Curiously, although my work depicts birds, animals and fish, I don’t consider myself of wildlife artist or a naturalist.  I have only kept a few animals in my life, cats and dogs, chickens, pheasants and a special gander to whom I was particularly bonded and yet – and yet – I am moved, deeply moved when in the presence of an eagle or an owl or a falcon or a hawk. I am intrigued by them. Not so intrigued that I wish to own or train such a creature, but intrigued by their awesome presence and their energy.  They seem to touch something deep inside me, something raw and emotional."

"My paintings of birds have taken me to distant shores; to the Middle East, where they now hang on opulent palace walls and in prestigious offices of corporate companies. I have been honoured as a guest at Royal farms and falconries, I have met interesting and beautiful people and had adventures which would not have happened had these birds not got under my skin and entered my soul."